Sunday, November 9, 2008

Exploring, Bargains, Love

Yesterday the kids I did some exploring and some bargin hunting.

We started to head out to JCPenny's to buy shoes for hubby but I saw 5 garage sale signs outside the subdivision. So I did a u-turn and did a little garage saling first. My biggest find was a VCR for $1 - and yes, it works!

I then made it to JCP and scored a pair of leather dress boots for 65% off. I was in need of a new pair. My other pair is over 6 years old and showing the wear and tear. So I was happy!

From there we headed to Madisonville. I had plans to go the Riverfront Art Market. We stopped for lunch at the new Speak Easy Too there on the bend near the old library. We had a panini and it was a cute place. They have free Wi-Fi too which I mentally noted for future use!

We did the Art Market. It was nice. Small (which i expected) but the weather was so beautiful it doesn't take much to make me happy being near the water. We browsed but did not buy.

After that, I noticed the Madisonville Museum was open on our way out so I asked the kids if they wanted to stop. We have never driven by and actually seen it open. I read once they have limited hours. We browsed the very small upstairs part and the woman told us to make sure we visted the jail below. Well, that was surely the highlight with my kids. It is an old 8 cell jail with exhibits in some and one open cell with the bed for the kids to pretend. There were lots of questions from my 5 year old and my 2 year old just squealed with glee.

Off we were again when we passed the old cemetary just a block or so down from the museum. My 5 year old wanted to stop. So we all piled out and took a walk around the old cemetary. Again, lots of questions about what a cemetary is and why we bury people, etc. They both had a heyday exploring. It is very old so there were lots of broken wrought iron fences, caved in graves, fallen headstones. Kinda freaky to me, but not to them. They don't know about all that yet.

After the cemetary I went searching for this marina my dad's friend has his boat docked. My parents said it was really well-kept but sorta hidden. I found it eventually and we took a ride through looking at all the boats.

On the way home (finally!) the boy fell asleep and upon arrival home the girl requested I get out her paints and she started painting pictures just like she saw the artists do at the Art Market.

I then got a call and off in the car we went again. This time it was to look at a wooden playset my brother found online. He wants to buy it for the kids as a Christmas gift. So we went to take a look and we snag that baby for a meer $125. It is in pretty good shape! Checked online and a similar one runs $700-$800 new!

Back home I hooked up the new VCR to see if it worked. Haven't owned a VCR in like 8 years. Everyone always wants to give me their old VHS tapes for the kids so I figured I would get it for them. I borrowed a tape from a neighbor to check it out. It worked!

At 7pm my boy spots a bag of something outside our front door. He summons me. I open the door to find 18 VHS tapes. My cell phone has a message. My friend (whom I told about my $1 VCR earlier in the day) dropped of VHS tapes for my son. Bob the Builder, Thomas the Train, etc. So the kids were so excited they stayed up until 10pm watching movies.

Today another friend who has been wanting to give me her tapes brought over about 10 more! Gigi says she is bringing a big basket she has at her house when she comes for Thanksgiving! I guess the $1 was worth it!

Today, hubby is driving back from Florida. Long drive so he has time to think. He calls to say how much he misses us and loves us. He said all that time alone allows you to think and realize things and he realizes he needs to say it more and show it more. It makes me tear up . . . He said when he gets home he is giving me a BIG HUG!
I can't wait :-)


Melissa said...

What a sweet day!

Kelly said...

Sounds like that was fun! My great grandparents are buried in that cemetery - although I couldn't tell you where. My parents took me many years ago. I keep meaning to go look for the graves so I can show the boys! One of these days, I guess. I really should have paid more attention to this stuff when my parents were alive! ;)

Jennifer said...

wow, waht a great deal on the swingset!!