Wednesday, November 19, 2008

What's in your favorites? Part 4

Every now and then I like to share what I have saved in my browser favorites. Well, it has been awhile. So here are links I would like to share!

1. Pandora - I'd heard of this online radio before but never bothered to try to use it. Hubby started using it when his Sirius account expired and told me how great it was. I gave it a whirl and am addicted. Who needs to download music anymore when you have Pandora? You create stations based on your favorite artists and then can hit Quickmix and select which stations you want to mix up and listen to. I have Christmas stations setup now for the holidays! You can vote if you like songs or not and it will play accordingly in the future. Very cool.

2. Facebook - This is nothing new to some of you. I've been on facebook for awhile now, but at first didn't really get into it. Now, it has changed it's format and so many more people I know are on it so it has become fun. It is like my entire mom's club who I have lost touch with is on there now and that is so cool. I like keeping up with all the people I would otherwise probably not have time to talk with. And people's status updates are just so dang funny sometimes! If you aren't on Facebook get going already!

3. New Orleans Businesses - This is actually my own list on my blog of New Orleans Based Businesses you can support online. Check it out. Suggest sites!

4. - This site has some of the greatest Nola t-shirt designs I have seen. Love it! Love it!

5. North Shore Free Use Network - This is a a yahoo group where everything is offered up for free! You can post a SEEK or an OFFER. I joined this group a few years back but have recently gotten back into actually using it. I have had several OFFERS and SEEKS in the last month. Times are tough. Time to recycle and reuse to save a buck or two! Not on the Northshore of New Orleans then find a similar group near you.

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Jennifer said...

Facebook can be addictive so I have to watch myself--ha! I need to check out dirtycoast, thanks!