Wednesday, February 20, 2008

What's in your favorites? Part 2

I recently wrote a post called "What's in your favorites?". It was a sneak peek into my hefty treasury of favorite links. I promised you more so here ya have it!

Jacquie Lawson Cards
My aunt and uncle always send these incredible animated cards from this site. I finally decided to check out the cost and I couldn't believe annual membership was only $10! Real cards aren't cheap and neither are stamps (they are raising the price on those again soon - in case you didn't know) so this may be my new route for card sending. Plus, it saves a tree and we know society is pushing us to be more "GREEN!". Most importantly, I think these cards are better than the paper version.

Divine Caroline
This is a site for those who love to write and those who love to read people who love to write. All kinds of topics. Geared toward women. Nice site. Great articles. If you love to blog or read blogs you will love this site too. Not just for professionals!

Pottery Barn Baby Photo Contest
This is an ongoing contest. I always submitted my kids but they never were chosen, but it is cute to see who is. Submit your 18 month or younger today! If chosen, they have a little feature pic in one of the catalogs.
I've been told this is the go to site when planning a trip to disney. I have yet to go but once when we were considering it I started reading this encyclopedia of info on Disney and got so overwhelmed, but learned a lot.

Courtney Zeller's Cakes
If you live in the New Orleans area this lady makes AWESOME birthday cakes and the actual taste of the cake is delicious too! Affordable!

Well, that's all for now folks. Feel free to leave comments with some favs from your own favorites!

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