Sunday, February 17, 2008

Ripped about Rips on the Lake

Yesterday we had family come into town. Since it was a nice day my husband decided to take everyone to Rips on the Lake in Mandeville. They have an incredible view from their dining porch. However, I can't say our experience there was incredible.

This was my 3rd time there and I wasn't crazy about going back this time but hubby wanted to go there. The first time, the experience was ok, but we went as a group of 8 women who didn't know each other and had to split the bill. They wouldn't bill us individually. Kind of a pain since some just had apps, others had entrees, some had water, others had cocktails.

The second time, was ok too, but I was not crazy about the menu choices and the food I ordered was just ok. Same as the first time I was there. I felt like I was paying for the view more than the food. For the price, I was not impressed with the food.

Then, there was yesterday, the third time.

We arrived after picking up everyone at the airport at 1:45pm. We thought that would be a good time as the Sunday lunch rush would be over. There was no wait, but since we had a group of 6 and wanted to sit outside we had to wait for two 4 tops to open up so they could push the tables together. The lady assured us several tables were close to leaving so we told her we were happy to wait - even though we were all starving and had two little kids in tow!

The sun was out so we sat on the stairs with the kids. Started to notice tables leaving and then suddenly people seated with menus in those tables. Hmm? I wondered. Then after 30 minutes I inquired with hubby. He said he too noticed. We continued to watch as another table got up and left. We inquired with the hostess on what her game plan was for us. She said, "As soon as that table next to the empty one pays and leaves we will push the tables together and seat you." Ok. Thank you. I return to the stairs and sit down with the kids. A couple walks by and I turn around to see the hostess seat them in the empty table. I go back and inquire. "I just sat them there because the table on the other side of the couple about to leave will be leaving soon and I will push those two together instead." Now, I am getting very irritated and it is going on 45 minutes (remember, there was no wait initially!)

So hubby speak to the hostess. He tells her we have been very patient and that if she keeps seating people in every open table there will never be two open for us to sit at. So she tells him she is now waiting for the 8 top up front on the deck to leave so we can sit there. He says, "the story plan keeps changing everytime we ask." He asked to speak to the manager. He told her what was going on. She told him he just needed to be patient. He said we have been patient for 45 minutes! She turned her back to him and started to walk away while throwing her thumb up in the air pointing at the door behind her and said, "Well, leave then."

That is exactly what we did! We took our rather hefty lunch bill to Friends in Madisonville. (Apps, Entrees, Drinks all around!) Friends seated us quickly, served us nicely and we enjoyed the view from their deck instead.


Anonymous said...

wow, that is rude. write them a letter. i bet the owner will want to hear about how poorly you were treated.


Nola ( said...

Good for you for leaving! There is NO room for poor service in this area! There are SO MANY good restaurants that to have that kind of service is ridiculous.

Hope Friends redeemed the meal for your out-of-towners. Next time, come to the south shore!

Lanny said...

Speechless! Wow! Um, uh, wow!
Glad you left. That's just insane. Sorry you had that experience.

Roslyn said...

Hi there! I'm a new reader, sent over via Greta (Kiss My Gumbo)! I would surely write a letter to the owners! I doubt they would appreciate the way the manager is handling their business. There is no room for bad customer service anymore! We have too many choices! Good Job Leaving!

Anonymous said...

I had a similar experience and have never been back, thier attitude seems to be that they don't need your business and I can assure you that they will not get it.

Anonymous said...

The owner doesn't care. He's a drunk and is the rudest person in the business. Clay Prieto. He insults people, dumps their food on their shirts or their pants, yells at people. He's a real hag. Go to Rips knowing that that might happen to you. The food is OK but it's overpriced. The view is great but so what.

There are other - and better - places.

Myles F. Omaha
Mandeville, LA

Anonymous said...

Please note the comment from Roslyn.
As she is a co-owner.