Tuesday, February 12, 2008

One child in this world listens

If you are a parent you will be so amazed by the story I am about to tell you. It blew my mind and I am serious when I say I missed the opportunity for an autograph.

I was in Chick-Fil-A with the kids enjoying their indoor play structure and killing time during the witching hours. A young boy came in to play and had on a t-shirt with his schools name on it. It happens to be the school where my girl will start Kindergarten next year. So I ask his name and what grade he is is (First Grade) and introduce him to my daughter. I tell her he will be in her school next year but a different grade yada yada yada.

A little while later a striking man pops his head in and calmly says, "Jay, time to go." And then turns and goes back to his seat and lets the door slowly shut behind him. The boy I was talking to was "Jay" and he sits down, puts his shoes on and walks out politely saying goodbye on his way. I catch the eye of the mom sitting across from me and say, "Unbelieveable." She laughs.

NEVER in my parenting life have I actually seen such obedience. The child actually did exactly what his father told him too do. And I mean immediately! No hesitation. No whining. The father did not have to return to the area and REPEAT HIMSELF!

I literally wanted to run out the door and ask that man for his autograph. He wins the parenting award of the year. I want to know how in the hell he managed that!

Hmph! My girl would whine:
"Okay, but just let me go down the slide one more time."
"I can't get my socks on myself so you have to help me"
"Let me say goodbye to that girl"
"I am not ready to go yet."

or the best is what she actually said to me that night when I told her it was time to leave - ready for this one? - "I'll tell YOU when it is time to go."

Needless to say that one landed her a quicker exodus!


Lanny said...

Really? Your daughter would whine? Mine would do exactly what that little boy did. In my dreams! Aw heck, she probably wouldn't even do it in my dreams!

Are you sure he wasn't a robot? Or maybe you were on one of those hidden camera shows? That's just beyond my comprehension!

Oh, and you forgot *climb up to the top of the play structure and say, 'come get me.'*

MRussell said...

"I'll tell YOU when it is time to go."

Hmmm, that sounds like someone I know...

Maybe she gets it honest.

Lanny said...

2/14 Happy Valentine's Day!

Anonymous said...

The secret to getting your kids to leave when you say so, is to follow thru on a threatened consequence. I see so many parents struggle with this. They will sit there and beg, whine, plead, cajole, yell, follow their kid around, say “one more time,” count to 2 ½ and 2 ¾, threaten action, etc., however, they NEVER do what they say. So here is what you do. You ask you child to leave one time. If they don’t get up and come with you, you give them a consequence (like “I will take away your train.) If they still don’t come with you, you pick them up, carry them to the car and TAKE AWAY THE TRAIN when you get home (or earlier if it’s something you can do then.) They will learn quickly, believe me. Chances are, you will only have to do this a few times. And make the consequence something they will remember. 95% of the time, when I say it’s time to leave or go inside, my kids come running because they KNOW I will follow thru. It’s hard, I know. I want my kids to do the right thing and I hate seeing them cry and get upset. It’s hard to follow thru and take something away. But believe me, in the long run, your kid will respect you and there will be LESS arguing.

Katie said...

Clearly this child is not related to any of the teenagers I teach!

Just a fellow New Orleanian stopping by to say hey!