Thursday, February 21, 2008

Jesus is the president

"Hey Mommy! Do you know who is on the one dollar bill?"
"George Washington, our first president."
"That's right! Do you know who our president is now?"
"Well, what happened to George Washington?"
"Oh honey, he died a long time ago. So, do you know who is president now?"

Setup: While shopping at Target my daughter spotted a very trendy sequined (sparkly) tank top. She told me that is what you wear if you are a star.

"Mommy, the TV has this thing called quit trim."
"Quit trim. You go there and lose weight."
"Oh. You mean Quick Trim."
"Yeah, you could go there and lose weight."
"Do you think I need to lose weight?"
"Only if you want to wear that sparkly tank top at Target and look like a star."

My regular readers, are you seeing a trend here? My daughter is more obsessed with my weight than I am!


Lanny said...

Completely official since both of us posted weight stories at the same time...we MUST have the same child! At least they are fun! :)

Nola ( said...

Is a sign of our youth? I dread Sun growing up and bugging me about my weight. I don't need that pressure!!

Anonymous said...

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