Friday, February 8, 2008

I am the most popular!

I am officially nominating myself and awarding myself "The Most Popular Member of My Family!"

I am so popular in fact that every time I walk by my daughter she has to say my name in admiration. Most times in request of a snack, drink refill, tv channel change, blanket, shoe removal, etc. But none the less she is requesting ME! the most popular family member.

The boy, he admires me so much he runs around the house all day yelling out my name in a repetitive banter. Momma! Momma! Momma! Momma! Momma! MOMMA! (that is his extra loud screech meaning you better respond "Mrs. Most Popular Member of the Family!) I would say he showers me with admiration at least 4000 times a day. It is incredible!

Just last night while settling the kids down before bed we decided to watch Matilda together. Both kids were admanant about sitting with yours truly. Not Daddy! Yuck! They even fought over me! It was so thrilling. They just hopped up into the big gold comfy chair and snuggled up to me. I don't think I have ever had anyone actually FIGHT over me.

The best is that even the dog thinks I am the most popular. She does not get out of her bed or leave our bedroom until THE QUEEN (me) has risen. Daddy can be up showering, making coffee, up with the kids, but the dog will not move until I do. My daughter complained tonight that the dog won't stay in her room at night. She leaves when I leave. Yes, I am sooooooo wanted by all! Even the dog!

And last buy not least, my hubby (like the kids) thinks I am the best snuggler too. Except not on the gold chair watching tv . . .

So with dark circled eyes, a weary smile, dishes in the sink and nine loads of laundry to do I proudly accept my award of "The Most Popular Member of My Family!"


Mamma said...

And you were able to hold the awards show despite the writers strike. Impressive!!

Lanny said...

LMAO! Do you live at my house?