Sunday, February 3, 2008

What's in your favorites?

I was doing a little computer housecleaning and noticed I have a ton of crap in my favorites. I will share just a few and every now and then share a few more cool links I have saved. So share yours too! What's in your favorites? Tell us. It is like emptying your purse for all to see!

Photofiddle - I've never used it but hope to one day when I have time to sit down and explore.

Fraction to decimal conversion - this bookmark gets used on occasion when I am doing print layouts and need to setup some odd dimension and put it in decimals.

Greater New Orleans Immunization Network's Bus Schedule - If you are a parent in the NOLA area and don't know about this you should! I use it all the time. It is clean, convenient, quick and most of all FREE! Why pay a co-pay for shots when you can get them for free! - A human-powered search engine. Check it out!

A reward chart for kids - I recently found this to use for my daughter. I liked that is was simple and blank. I added not only chores, but behavioral goals.

That's all I will leave you with right now. Another day I will tempt you with even more interesting and useful links - straight out of my very own FAVORITES!


Lanny said...

Happy Mardi Gras!

Have you seen You can put the ingredients you have available in, and it will give recipes you can make with them. I haven't used it yet, but the concept sounds good.

There's another reward chart for kids site that lets you put their favorite princess, superhero, etc on it. I have it saved on a different computer. Let me know if you want it.

I had no idea about hte immunization bus. I'll have to pass that on to some friends.

Foggy1 said...

I am Frank G Fox, the author of Jean Laffite and the Big Ol' Whale.
I wanted to call it Jean Laffite and the White Whale, but that was vetoed........ glad you like it.