Thursday, November 13, 2008


"Wild" has many definitions:
1 - living in a state of nature and not ordinarily tame or domesticated
2 - not subject to restraint or regulation
3 - indicative of strong passion, desire, or emotion
4 - going beyond normal or conventional bounds
5 - marked by turbulent agitation

Today my friends K, L and myself accompanied our kids on the zoo field trip. As I stood in my closet deciding what to wear I thought to myself that L will wear some cute outfit/shirt with an animal or something from nature on it that will be reflective of the field trip we were about to embark on. K will wear some cute slip on dress with flip flops and I, well, I will resort to my solid color v-neck tee with sporty capri pants and tennis shoes. I sighed and got dressed in said outfit.

Upon meeting at the car, my unconventional friend L, sure enough had on her Alexa Pulitzer alligator t-shirt from which I am crazy about! (By the way has so many Nola related designs I couldn't pick one if I had to! But the one L had one would by far be in my top 3 as we both share a love of Alexa's stuff.) I complimented L on her cute shirt and told her I knew she would wear something like that when I don't even know if I have a shirt with a print of any kind on it. She laughed and joked about how it took her a good 20 minutes of thought the night before to get the right shirt for the day!

K of course, as predicted, had on her dress and flipflops. K who is typically constained and sometimes even quiet and shy certainly knows how to shake things up with a wild and crazy story about herself that has us laughing hysterically in the car crossing the boring causeway bridge. In retrospect I am thinking she should look to herself when she is worried about why her very shy/quiet son is suddenly acting out a bit in school. Hmmm. Sound familiar my dear?

Then there is me. I was talking to L today about haircuts and she was saying she always gets the same cut. K, well, she typically wears her hair the same all the time too. Me, well, that's where I differ. Not only do I not dress as cute & stylish as they do, but my hair differs daily. It can be curly, straight, sorta curly, sorta straight, pulled back messily in pony, pulled back neatly in pony, only bangs back in clip, etc. I am not quite as organized and put together. I guess I can be defined by definition #5 above. And that explains everything! We all got a little "wild" in us :-)


Kelly said...

So, I have now spent waaaay too much time on And, I had to laugh at your comments on your clothes. I seriously now have solid v-neck tees in every color imaginable. They are worn with shorts or capris in wildly varying colors, such as white, stone or khaki. That's it. That's all I have. If I ever have a real job again, they need to have the mommy dress code or I'm in trouble.
I had fun today, even if I was trashy! :)

Bayou Belle said...

Kelly, your hair and wardrobe are so much like mine that one of the other moms on the trip to the zoo mistaked me as you! She said something about being the homeroom mom. I said, no and pointed to you and realized you were dressed very similarly to me and had the blonde pony too!

READERS: Kelly is not the K I refer to in my post but was at the zoo field trip too!

Jennifer said...

cute post!! I love the Audubon Zoo!!! I brough the kids last November (a year ago) and it brought back so many memories of me going there as a child.