Friday, November 28, 2008

More Quinky Dinks

1. The other day I was watching an old VHS tape of some old Disney movie with the kids. I see a preview for a Disney movie I have never heard of but think looks very cute and has a lot of NOLA type jazz music in it - Trumpet of the Swan. I ask MIL if she knows it since she is more up on Disney movies than I am. Nope - never head of it or seen it before she says. I look it up on Amazon. Find it. Consider buying and then decide not to. MIL and I go to Target today. She wants to look at DVDs for the kids. I am standing there while she is browsing the $5.50 DVD rack. I am mostly uninterested after a quick scan. Suddenly, I look down at the bottom right corner and low and behold there sits ONE copy of Trumpet of the Swan. I scream, snatch it and throw it in the cart all to my MIL's amazement. Of course, I then explained to her and she was equally as impressed that I found it.

2. I watched the pop-up version of Camp Rock with daughter today (ya know where they have the pop-ups that tell you about the props, behind the scenes, filming, etc?) and one of the tidbits on there was why is Peggy a nickname for Margaret. My MIL and I found the answer rather intersting and something we have never heard before. So I am catching up on my blog reading today and News From Nola has a post where she says she and her co-workers googled that exact question the other day. Just weird how for the first time ever I hear the explanation only to read someone else's blog an hour later who posed the same question recently!


Kelly said...

I read that on Sara's too, but I STILL don't know the answer. I guess my lazy booty will google it myself! LOL

Jennifer said...

um, I have never haerd of Trumpet of the Swan, but will look that one up since we collect Disney movies!