Sunday, January 6, 2008

Skuut over bikes, we've found something better!

My brother has always been a good gift-giver. This year he hit it big with my daughter who is almost 5. He bought a Skuut. He actually bought this gift for my son who is 18 months, but it is too big for him. It is designed for ages 2 and up.

So my daughter took over the gift immediately in true big sister fashion and she is in love! The Skuut is a wooden bike with no pedals. That is right. NO PEDALS! And it is nicely design to roll easily and glide along! To quote the Skuut website here is what a Skuut is for: "Kids learn balance, steering and coordination while quickly gaining the skills to transition to a "regular" bike - without fear, and without training wheels. "

Prior to receiving this gift my daughter asked to have her training wheels removed from her bike. I took her one time to learn to ride and it was over. She was so afraid because she didn't know how to balance. She never wanted to try again.

So we let her ride this Skuut for one week (everyday, whenever she could get on the dang thing!) and then I had her try her bike again. The transformation was amazing! She could ride wth me just holding on lightly to her shirt. I know she could ride alone but in her head she still has the fear and needs me to hold her shirt.

She wants to take the Skuut everywhere we go. The playground, the Trace, the lakefront. People everywhere stop us and inquire about what it is and are just as impressed with it as we are. She had it at the lakefront the day of Christmas and the video below shows her ability in to ride it in just a few hours!

Check out the customer testimonials on the website if you need more convincing. Some of the testimonials even say it is a great bike for kids with autism!

Happy Skuuting!

UPDATE 1/12/08 - The girl can officially ride her pedal bike with no problem thanks to the Skuut. Less than one month after receiving the skuut!


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