Monday, January 21, 2008

Monday Mission-Impossible

Today's Mission was to accomplish a short list of things. And I will gladly accept the award for Mission-Impossible.

List was as follows:
1. Pack up christmas decorations (that have been sitting in guest bedroom for weeks!)
2. Vacuum house with new vacuum cleaner purchased over weekend
3. Clean up mess in daughter's room
4. Mop kitchen floor
5. Pay bills

Seems easy enough. Except when it is MLK day and both kids are at home with you and they haven't been outside all weekend due to unusually cold weather for Louisiana.

The girl woke up cranky and remained that way all day. She lost TV viewing rights immediately. Which of course made my day miserable. The boy was just being his new 18month old self. Climbing on everything in site. Getting into anything he could find and screaming at his sister every time she ripped a toy out of his hand. The battles were dragging on. It was time to take a get well card to the neighbor and the girl lost her mind over what to wear! Happens daily. Did I mention she will be 5 next month?

The get well card suddenly was lost after the clothing battle. After 20 minutes of looking (I knew the damn thing was in the house!) we finally found it wedged between the girls bed and the wall.

After that errand we returned home to more screaming, whining, fighting, etc. Mom couldn't take anymore. I had only one solution to save my sanity. Starbucks! Packed up the kids and even the damn dog (per the request of the boy in his toddler language) and off we went. The girl complained the whole way and the boy fell asleep. I think her complaining bores him. I know it does me! Anyway, I got my skinny mocha (don't try it, not good. Stick to the other sugar free flavors!) and drove around for awhile until we all cooled our jets!

Back home I put the boy to bed and set the girl up to paint. I started dinner, loaded the dishwasher. I checked my to do list. Not a one thing done.

It was a Monday Mission-Impossible!


Krista said...
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Nola ( said...

Sounds like my Tuesday! Rrrr.