Thursday, January 10, 2008

Our Hobby: Finding Sleep

Last night both kids ended up in our bed. Thankfully it is king size and they are still little. The boy arrived 1 hour after we went to bed. The girl about an hour later. I spent the next four hours being kicked in the cheekbone and throat by my son who always sleeps horizontally. Usually his feet kick my husband's back and his head is jammed up under my chin on my neck almost choking me. By 4 am I had enough! I moved him back to his bed but while in transit he woke up and then required rocking to go back to sleep. So I was up another 30 minutes. Then, I carried the girl back to her bed. She too woke up and I had to convince her that when the sun came up she could come back in - just give mommy a few hours to herself!

I mean seriously, isn't sleeping the only time mom's get to themselves? I don't even get that! I want to take that time to have my own space (no one sitting on my, hanging on me or touching me!) and have my own thoughts and dreams. I want to spend that time in peace and quiet. Ugh. This mom doesn't even get a break when she sleeps! My mom always says I haven't slept in 5 years - since the first one was born.

Monday during the big LSU/OSU I was commenting to my hubby about how crazy it was our friends from Pittsburgh drove over 18 hours down here for the game. He said, "Well, that is their hobby - Football. Just like some people camp or travel or whatever." I said, "What is our hobby?" He said, "The constant quest for sleep."

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Nola ( said...

With Sun waking us up (mainly the hubs) every morning lately at 4am, I am right there with ya!