Sunday, January 13, 2008

blogging and a quasi new year's resolution

I blog in my head all the time. See, when I am driving, in the shower or anywhere where my thoughts can go uninterrupted for any period of time I blog in my head. I always think of a topic and write it in my head and promise to go home and type it up. Rarely seems to happen. Then I started keeping a list of the topics I think of so when I am ready to write I can go back to it. But, the passion is gone and so is the story in my head. I look at the list and go "eh", not interested in writing about that now. Usually the topics are something from my daily life/thoughts that spark what I think would make an interesting blog post.

I have actually always been this way. I have written since I was a kid. Used to write short stories and such before I became an adult and life got in the way. As an adult I used to write short stories in my head while driving. The problem is I rarely sat down and put them on paper or in digital format. A shame.

So here is my blog post I wrote while in the shower 15 mintues ago. I think you will see why I decided to sit down and write it this time. (Besides the fact that both kids are napping at the same time for once!)

I don't make new year's resolutions. But, I like to say what I will TRY to do differently in the new year. This year it is to FOCUS. I want to focus on my life this year and get it under control. Since Katrina and not necessarily only because of Katrina I feel my life has been out of control. Katrina just seems like a mile marker in when it started to get crazy.

So I am going to focus on myself personally. And we all know that "If mamma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy!" I want to work on eating better and FINDING the time to exercise. The exercising has been the most challenging now that I am working part-time. Something had to give and unfortunately the exercise went first. I think if I focus on myself then the family life will only get better.

My second area of focus is our family finances. I used to have such a tight grip on that area and it seems it has gotten so out of control. Again, an area that I used to spend more time evaluating, adjusting, researching, etc. Now, I seem to pay the bills and let it run on auto pilot. Not good!

I am also going to focus on getting organized and completing projects in the house that I have longed to do but AGAIN, just haven't had the time to tackle them. Projects like - hanging all the black and white old family photos my hubby and I have collected from both sides of our family; finishing my son's baby book and putting pictures in it; going through the boxes of old files and paperwork that has accumulated in the corner of my room and either burning them or refiling in my new file cabinets I purchased a year ago!

This may sound a like a new year's resolution to you but it is not! It is me verbalizing that I will FOCUS this year and get some shit done! I am taking back control of my life!

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