Sunday, January 20, 2008

What would you do if money didn't matter?

I don't know how many times I catch myself thinking or saying "If I had a lot of money I would [fill in the blank]". So just to start a record of such wishes I decided to blog it and that way I can do such things when I do have the money! I mean like big money. Money that can be spent and you don't even have to think twice. Here are a few things I have recently thought of.

1. I would take my mom and daughter Christmas shopping in NYC and we would catch a broadway show. We would stay at the PLAZA because Eloise lived there and my girl loves Eloise.
2. I would pay for the school crosswalk signals to be installed at whatever school district it was on the news a few weeks ago. The news said they couldn't afford it. I would just take care of that issue for them.

3. I would setup a non-profit that would supply new children's books to libraries in rural/poor areas of the US. I would quit my job and devote my spare time to this cause.

4. I would take my best friend on a no limits shopping spree and the catch would be we both would have to ditch our entire current wardrobes and buy ALL NEW! Then we would get new hairdos and buy all new makeup!

5. I would send my closest friends a little "extra" check in the mail if I got wind that they could use it. It would arrive unexpectedly and would be enough to ease the pain.

6. I would take my entire family (parents, in-laws and neice included!) to disney because we have never been! And I would pay for it all. I would stay at one of the nice resorts right in the park and go all out on everything!

7. If I came across another person like the one I wrote about in this post I would furnish her apartment, buy her new clothes, stock her fridge and pay her rent and utilities for a year. Not until she got on her feet because i feel people need a deadline for such help to end so they can take it from there.

8. I would buy gifts for people for no reason other than when I saw the item I thought of them and just knew they would love to have it. I love to give gifts!

9. I would take my best friend and 4 college friends on a week long spa vacation out in the middle of the mountains or desert. All expenses paid by me!

10. I would retire both of our parents.

So tell me. What would you do?


Krista said...

i would open my own repertory theatre company - building a fabulous new facility that included a daycare center. I would pay everyone a decent wage, and hire all my friends from around the country to come and play with me.

Moondance said...

Mr. Knightly and I play this one alot:

1. Pay off the mortgage, and the mortgages of all our siblings.

2. College funds for our son and all the nieces and nephews.

3. Trip around the world - in more than 80 days! This would include cruises on luxury liners, african safari, every country we could pronounce...

4. Settle down and relax after the whirlwind tour, start a foundation, and spend the rest of our lives making a difference, all while never having to worry about money again!

Anonymous said...

I loved this post. I love dreaming about what I would do if I won a big lottery. Since I know I would be like a deer in the headlights if I ever did get a load of money, I have a spreadsheet with all my wants. On one tab is my gift list- things that I want and ask for for birthdays, etc. Another tab is for big ticket purchases- things I'd like to buy for the house (like a new vacuum) and need to save for. My third tab is my dream list. Some things are visit my friend in China, spa vacation and a lot of things Amy said. My last tab is for things I want to do before I die. I only have 4 things on here, which surprises me and they are fairly "normal" like visit Yellowstone and my best friend, Susan. -Brandi