Monday, January 28, 2008

I should be on "What not to wear"

Yesterday I was wearing very green mesh garden shoes, slate blue crop sweat pants that are too baggy and a light pink Old Navy t-shirt I've had since we moved here - so four years.

We were getting ready to head out the door to the grocery when hubby said, "You are going to change aren't you?" I said, "Why? You don't like my outfit?" (Giggling and planning to change anyway) He said, "Your boy Clinton would not approve!" Clinton is the male host of "What Not To Wear".

I have to admit, when I watch that show I see myself in many of the victims.

Confession #1: I have clothes that are at least 7 years old.
I used to work (pre-children) at places where I had to dress business casual on most days so any "nice" clothes I have are from that time in my life. I haven't worked out in the workplace in 4 years. And my last job I had was for 3 years. And some clothes I remember wearing to work at the job before that. So you do the math.

Confession #2: I only have one really nice outfit in my wardrobe
That is right. I had to do some interviewing last fall and I bought one outfit and wore it to three different interviews in two weeks. Thankfully, none of the companies called me back for a second interview. I don't know what I would have worn!
The good news about this outfit is I love it and it makes me look good! Even a little sexy. I got it right with this one. The other two I bought were, well, returned.

Confession #3: I have no time to shop
Getting outfits right for your body and finding good deals take a lot of time and patience. Well, my kids steal both of those from me. Hubby would be more than willing to let me go out by myself but I am often too tired to think about trying on clothes. I like to shop leisurely for clothes and if I was on a schedule to be back the pressure would be on! And that doesn't work for me so I just pass.

Confession#4: The shoes are bad!
I have a pair of black boots that are my "go-to" boots and hubby just groans when I get them out. He won't even try to polish them for me anymore. He always starts looking in my closet for another option which he quickly discovers I do not have. I always replace my sneakers about every 6 months because that is important to do and I of course wear them that most. Also, I have flip-flops galore. They are cheap and easy to find when shopping with kids. I need all sorts of shoe options!

Confession #5: I have one really good pair of jeans
I have several pair of jeans, but only one really fits me nicely. The others make me look fat and are unflattering. The problem with my one pair of good jeans is that they too are a couple of years old. I wish I could find 5 more pairs of that same jean and buy them all!

Confession #6: I still have maternity clothes in my closet
When I quit my job 4 years ago we had just moved down here. I had all these northerner clothes. So I bought a bunch of cheap t-shirts and crap for warm weather. Everything was super casual. Then 16 months later Katrina hit. I got pregnant during evacuation and had to go to Maternity clothes. I bought all these cute clothes to wear. Then, I had the baby and was back to clothes from two year before. Well, you have to lose that baby weight first right? So a year later I start working which took most any free time I have on top of having very little money to shop for new clothes so I stick with what I have. And some of those things are maternity tops that are so cute I hate to give them up and occassionally wear them out!

So there you have it! I should be on that damn show! And I am not embarrassed to admit it.


Nola ( said...

Oh, I am right there with you! Plus I HATE to shop for clothes. So it isn't likely to improve for me any time soon...

Pennies In My Pocket said...

Ohhhhhhhhh man oh man oh man oh man! I'm feeling like I need to post another 'confessions' post after reading this one!! Don't even get me started on this subject. I'll fill up your entire comments space with rants about myself! lol

Great post!!!


krista said...

i just bought 5 new pairs of pants. it was crazy. and rather exciting. because you know I am not always the height of fashion!