Wednesday, January 30, 2008

gotta love what kids say

My four year old (who will be 5 in Feb) was sitting on my chaise lounge in my bedroom while I was working out. I had the tv on and lo and behold what is on . . . "Real Housewives of Orange County".

I am doing some exercise where I am not able to see the tv and out comes a horrible shriek from my daughter. "Why are they sticking needles in their eyes!"

I explain to her that they are getting botox treatments. "What is botox?", she asks.
I explain what it does. She asks if she will have to get shots like that when she grows up. I say, "No, mommy doesn't get them." I ask her if she thinks those ladies are pretty. She says yes. I tell her they pay a lot of money to look that way but are much older than mommy. I ask if she thinks they are prettier than mommy.

She says . . .

"Yeah, but keep exercising mommy. You will get there."


Krista said...

oh, ouch.

but very funny.

Mamma said...

OH NO!!! We need to train her better.

Nola ( said...

Yeah, asking young kids questions like that can get ugly. Damn honesty! Who says it's the best policy?

Lanny said...

I think we are raising the same child! My 4 y/o would say the same thing!

~found you through Nolanotes