Saturday, January 26, 2008

I'm about to kick Chuck E Cheese's Ass!

Yes, I used a curse word in my title. Sorry. But I am heated up and hubby had to make me a cocktail to cool me off.

I just called Chuck E Cheese to make my daughter's birthday reservation at the end of February. Ya know how I just coordinated flights and visits with both sets of grandparents? Well, they tell me there is no availability for the date we want until 6pm at night? Who the hell is going to have a party for 5 year olds at 6pm on a weeknight? Are you freakin' kidding me?

I am trying to schedule the party for a Tuesday at 10am. Their website pushes having your party during the week when it is not as busy! I was just at CEC last Tuesday and it was DEAD! Not one party. Only two other moms there with their kids. It was 10am when we arrived. A few more showed up by the time we left at 1pm. DEAD! DEAD! DEAD! I have been there so many times during the week and it is never busy. You have to make your reservation over their 1-800 number only. The lady said they are booked. I find it curious that they could be booked when I tried every week day for the next month and all say only available at 6pm. Hmmmm? Doesn't sound right to me!

The hammer is coming down Chuck E Cheese so look out! My girl has been wanting her party there since she turned 4. (Much to my dismay) She has her heart set on it and is telling everyone. So look out CEC I am calling tomorrow and if that doesn't work I am driving there! So get ready! This momma is hot!

UPDATE: Ok. we are cool now. I spoke with the manager at CEC. He assured me I could still have a party there during the week. It would just have to be a walk-in party - meaning I bring my own table decorations, order the food off their menu, buy my own tokens and provide my own cake. Chuckie would still make an appearance. Well, heck, I can do that. The difference is I won't get a party hostess to assist with the party. I am not worried about that. I will have enough willing grandparents and parents to help! So we are on!


MRussell said...

Give 'em Hell!!!

Parker says Happy Birthday.

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Nola ( said...

Whew. Hate to see Chuckie with a black eye!